These Simple Tips Will Make Your Windows Looks Awesome


For some people, choosing the right window could be confusing. Not only that you have to think about the window type, you also have to choose the colors, curtain, and much more. Right now, we’d like to share some tips with you on how to make your windows looks awesome.

1. Choose the best frame color for your window

Choosing the color for your frame often to be challenging. Try to observe the environment and the neighbor houses around your place to get the right color sense. Choose the trim color for your house, and try to use the same color on the window frame. There are many homeowners who have chosen one base color and two accent colors (one color for the house trim and one more for the window frames, doors, and the garage door. Get the right suggestion from the paint store or home improvement center in your town.

2. Decide the numbers of the window according to the necessary ventilation

One of the window functions is to allow the fresh air to circulate inside the room. Determine your necessity will help you to decide on what kind of window that you need to install. It’s true that there are many rooms with the parable windows, that can be closed and opened as you like. The fixed window cannot be used that way. Generally, the houses have the combination of those two types of window.

3. Choose the attractive window for your home interior

Yup, the aesthetic of your home exterior is important. However, don’t forget that the window also has the aesthetic value for your home interior. The bathroom, for the example. Choose the window that will allow the outside light to come in, but choose the one that’s not transparent so you can maintain the privacy. For the living room, you can consider choosing the tall and wide window so the light could fully come into the room.

Yup, that’s it! We hope this info could help you to get the new inspiration for the window in your home. See ya!


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